Saturday, May 8, 2010

What's the name of this thing?? Top 3 whenever-I-get-around-to-it-day?! Ooops.

Yes, yes, I know, I know-for the second week in a row, I have not only failed to do my Top 3 Thursday topic on an actual Thursday, but I have also failed to do it on Friday...So let's get to it, shall we?! Favorite things to do outdoors, ready...GO!

#1: Skiing/playing in the snow. I am not a good skier. And really the only skiing that I've done is at Perfect North in Indiana, which is basically fake skiing (because it's Indiana, duh-it's like the queen of flat country), and I am what my grandparents call a dangerous skier because I don't so much do the turning, I'm more of a go straight down the hill as fast as I can so you should probably just get out of my way type of girl, but hey! I loved skiing. I'd also really love to try snowboarding someday, but I have a feeling I will be falling down a lot on the first run. I also like playing in the snow. Yes, I'm almost 25, but I love big snows, and I love running outside and jumping in the snow, and having snowball fights, and making snow angels, and getting absolutely FREEZING cold, then going inside to warm up with some nice hot chocolate. That's a perfect day right there! That's the one thing I don't like about living in the South now-no snow. Although it is MUCH easier to get a snow day down here...January 7, 2010, anyone?! It was supposed to snow a few inches, so they closed all the schools, and what did it do?? It RAINED. Come on, now! Suck it up.

#2: Swimming/being in some body of water. This is a fairly broad category. I love being in the ocean (although I am getting more and more scared of the ocean these days-I'm like Sara, it's starting to make me really uncomfortable that I can't see my feet). I love being at the beach. I love playing sand volleyball. I also am just as partial to spending the day at the pool. Some of my favorite memories are the days that all of my friends from college and I would meet up at the Bent Tree pool, and just drink all day, and laze around in the floats...those were some good times. Finally, I also love, love, LOVED City Cafe/Cliffs Fridays. Again, just going to City Cafe for lunch and eating as much food as possible, then jumping off the Cliffs and hoping that you didn't sink to the bottom of the river because you ate way too much food at lunch. Jumping off the Cliffs was scary-the water looks REALLY far away-but I loved every minute of it.

#3: Running outside. I love running. I also hate/despise running. So of course, I love to hate running. But let me break it down for ya-I hate running (it's really hard!), but I know that it's good for my racquetball game, plus I get a huge sense of accomplishment coming in from a run, just knowing that I did something that I hate doing. But what do I hate even more than running: running on a track. Even worse: running on a treadmill. YUCK. You don't go anywhere! How boring. So if I HAVE to run, then it must be outside. I don't really even mind running in the rain, sometimes it's nice...but I do secretly love running outside.

So that's it for this edition of Top 3...whatever day. I also love sitting outside on a porch and drinking sweet tea while I'm reading a good book, but that's a whole other topic/post on it's own. Cheers y'all!!


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